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New! New! New!

New school year! New classroom! New friends!
With great excitement we moved into our new classroom yesterday! After enjoying a wonderful picnic indoors in our new classroom on Monday, we then moved in on Thursday. It took us most of the day to move, sort and organize all our things to suit the new furniture. After our hard work we then headed outdoors to the bridge just across the road from our school where we usually do our exercise track training. However this time we enjoyed the snow: making big snowballs, making tracks, and water painting with snow on the railings. It was a great week to celebrate spring and all things new.
This week we also began investigating our next IB unit which will look at how people all over the world do many things, big and small, to make our planet a better place. We began with our own efforts; students initiated action and chose to clean up some of the rubbish along the walking track next to the Narai River which is just across the road from our school. Their action was initiated when they saw all the baby ducks swimming on the water but they also noticed some rubbish floating down the river too. “That rubbish is not good for the baby ducks!” one student exclaimed. Everyone agreed and decided to pick up the rubbish that was along the riverside track we were walking on. It was very rewarding for all of us to know that we were choosing to do something to make our community place better for people and for wildlife.
Importantly the next 2 weeks here at ISN Shimauchi Campus will be our Spring Program and everyone is looking forward to welcoming new students to our campus. Students from grade 1 to grade 6 will be enjoying games, excursions and many other fun activities. We look forward to making lots of new friends too!