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Grade 1 “Our Visit to Alpico Bus Company”


The first graders are still working on the transportation unit, most specifically on our third line of inquiry which is, “As people invent new forms of transportation new challenges arise. The first graders interviewed parents, teachers and also made their personal research about the said inquiry and after the research, we had a pair presentation which led us to a very engaging class discussion. Everyone seemed really interested in the topic and have showed being knowledgeable by sharing their research.


We were lucky that we had the chance visiting the Alpico Bus Company. We went inside the office and and Alpico staff showed us the machine that would check the driver’s body if he drinks alcohol or not. Amazing! That’s to make sure that the bus driver is fit to drive for the safety of the passengers. He also showed us around the area where the busses are parked. And yes! We had the chance getting on a comfortable highway bus with a toilet. One of the first graders said, I want to have a relaxation on this bus, still others said, I want to take this bus to Tokyo. Out of their curiosity, they asked many questions to Alpico staff and they wrote down the answers on the paper. Thank you Alpico staff for delightfully answering our questions.


Have a great weekend everyone! 良い週末をお過ごしください!