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Grades 4, 5 and 6: Mixing and matching

Hello, everyone! We’ve had an interesting week with lots of snow! Tuesday was the day of the big snow dump and all classes enjoyed fun snowball fight and igloo making activities outside. This resulted in us being unable to spend PE time outside during the following days due to the muddiness, but this was not a problem for our bright minds, who thought of many activities to keep themselves occupied inside. ⛄


The students discussed how pollution, transportation and energy influence and are related to the sustainability of life on our planet. After learning about smart solutions a Colombian city implemented in its public transportation system, the students designed (and made out of craft) their own ecological and sustainable solutions for the public transport system of Matsumoto. They also enjoyed the Disney documentary movie “Oceans”, which lent itself to discussion about human impact and the value of the Earth’s oceans. 💺


In Science lesson, the students learned about solutions and did an experiment on different solutes and their solubility. In Math, they practiced changing numbers from and to fractions, decimal numbers and percentages. In English, they wrote humorous stories using the new vocabulary learned from “Treasure Island”. In Health, they discussed individuality and the need to respect differences. 💛


Have a lovely, sunny weekend! よい週末をお過ごしください。