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Where the wild things are NOT… Farm Animals and Pets. Aurora's wk of Feb 17-21

It was a mighty busy week. Aurora made Hina doll craft, visited a farm in Shimauchi, and learned what it takes to be a pet owner.
Aurora made Ohinasama and Odairisama for Hinamatsuri. With rich gold paper background, we made origami kimonos and drew in faces. Paper tissue peach blossoms were added. The result was beautiful pieces of artwork!



Our new line of inquiry on the IB Theme of “Sharing the Planet” looks into the gentler side of the animal kingdom – pets! We need to take good care of our pets. We feed them, clean them and give them our love. We learned a simple but catchy song about pets . We watched a video about Sweetpea, a Chihuahua and how her owner takes care of her. Please see video links below. Each student then showed how they cared for our class “dog” and “cat”.


The highlight of the week was a visit to a small farm in Shimauchi. The owner so generously shared his time and knowledge with us. He showed Aurora and Canyon how he takes care of the animals and how he helps them. The animals in turn help him by providing fertilisers for his vegetables and fruits… yes animal poop! This tied in perfectly with our Central Idea – “We live with animals. Animals help us and we help animals”.

We saw goats, ponies, a Dalmatian, peacock, peahens and a black pig! We made the farm owner a Thank You card. Then back in class, we will be making our very own class book about our farm visit. Till next Tuesday, have a fantastic long weekend!