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Grades 4, 5 and 6: Launched into Space

Hello, everyone! We have been launched into Space! 🚀


The students started inquiring into their last Unit of Inquiry of the year, with the topic of Space, under the Transdisciplinary Theme of “How the world works”. For their formative assessment, the students collected all their knowledge of Space and displayed it on a big illustrated poster they made together. They also had fun sharing their own individual knowledge on the Solar system, creating their own planetariums and researching into individual planets. 👩‍🚀


In their Science lesson, the students inquired into distillation as a way of separating mixtures. In Art, they continued to paint in the style of 20th century painter Hundertwasser. In Geography, they talked about how people from various countries use water for industry, transport and leisure. In Math, they are perfecting calculating area of regular and irregular geometric shapes. 🪐


Thank you to all the parents for coming to this week’s parent/teacher meetings. The students practiced their reflection and self-expressions skills and your interest has surely boosted their confidence in their own learning skills. Next week, there will a swimming open day on Thursday, February 26th at 9:20AM. Have a great weekend! ⭐