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Aurora in Progress (June 15-19)

“A little progress each day, adds up to big results.”
-Satya Nani

It has been two months since our boys and girls joined Aurora class. We could still remember how they cried in the morning every time their mommies/daddies say good bye to them, how hard it was for them to express themselves in English, and how slow they changed their clothes and ate their food.

Now, it is very different. Aurora students are showing lots of improvement in our daily routines and we are very happy to witness how they change and improve each day.

みんながオーロラに進級してからもうすぐ3ヶ月になります。クラスのお友達やルール、ルティーンに慣れるのに始めはとても大変そうだったオーロラさん。朝、お母さんお父さんと離れるのが寂しくなって少し泣いてしまったこと、英語で何かを伝えることがとても難しかったこと、ご飯をたべたりお着替えしたりするのにとても時間がかかったこと、昔のことの様に思えるくらい 今はみんなきちんとできています😁✌️👏オーロラさんの日々の成長と進歩を見られるのがとても嬉しいです😍🌱(ランチを食べる速度とお着替えに関しては、オーロラさんはまだまだ頑張れると思います!笑)

In writing, most of them can already trace the letters closely following the broken lines as guide. Some of them can now hold their pencil by themselves. For this week, they wrote letter uppercase letter H. They also colored the pictures that begin with H such as hat, house, horse, heart, and helicopter.

今週はアルファベットのHでした。いつもの様にHの発音を練習して、ライティングの練習をし、Hがつく単語(hat, house, horse, heart, helicopter)の絵に色を塗りました🖍

When it comes to cutting with scissors, we are very proud that some of them can already cut pictures independently. Some still needs more practice until they will be able to control how to use their thumb, index, and middle fingers separately from their pinkie and ring fingers.

Aurora used scissors in making their Father’s day craft. They cut the neck tie and the sides of the paper which they made as T-shirt. Then, they pasted the neck tie and T-shirt pocket using glue. They also traced the message “Dad, you are TIE-rrific!” (terrific). They put two round stickers on the collar of the T-shirt as buttons. Lastly, they dipped their finger in the paint and stamped it on the tie of the T-shirt. Happy Father’s Day to our dear daddies of Aurora!

オーロラさんはつい最近ハサミの持ち方を覚えたばかりですが、数名の生徒は先生の助けがなくても1人で写真や絵を切ることができています!👏👀 ✂️まだ始めたばかりなので、ハサミをマスターするにはまだたくさんの練習が必要です😉オーロラさんのみんなは練習が大好きなので、きっとすぐにハサミをマスターすることができると思います♪

ネクタイを切り、シャツの襟の部分を切り、ネクタイを貼り付けます。シャツに書いてあるメッセージをなぞり「お父さんって最高!」と書きました😁✌️ シャツの襟には二つのボタンをつけて、ポケットをのりで貼り付け、最後は仕上げの指スタンプ!人差し指に絵具をつけて、ネクタイにポンポンと水玉模様をつけました💕

Music class was great! Our boys and girls were able to sing songs and blend their voices to everyone in a group. They also learned how to move with the beat of music. They used maracas while moving with slow and fast beats of music. Another activity that they did was using rhythm sticks and practiced tapping the colored cards in front of them. First they had two colors- red and white. Then, we added yellow to make it three.

先週に引き続きピアノの曲に合わせてマラカスを使って動く練習もしました。遅くなったり、速くなったり、静かになったり、大きくなったり、止まったり。今週も二拍子と三拍子をドラムスティックを使って学びました。二拍子は赤、白、赤、白、1、2、1、2。三拍子は赤、白、黄、赤、白、黄、1、2、3、1、2、3 色々な物を使ってリズムに合わせて音を出すのは楽しいですね♪

In math, we started sequencing numbers up to 10. Each student was given numbers 1-10, and asked them to arrange those in order.


Aurora had a great time playing at park and schoolyard. It wasn’t just about playing because this helps them improve physical development. When children play outdoors, they increase their ability to balance, jump, climb, and run.


For UOI, we just finished all the LOI’s for Unit 1. This week we did reflection for the unit. Reflection is done to assess student’s learning after each unit. This is to know how well the students could remember and understand the lessons we discussed. We summed up all the lessons that we had through a collection of pictures of their activities. The teacher also interviewed each student by asking them if they enjoyed the activities we did and let them chose which of those they really liked. All students were able to choose the activity they liked.

For next week, we won’t have UOI lesson. Teachers will have a planning meeting and preparation for Unit 2.



That’s all for this week. Thank you and enjoy the weekend! Once again, Happy Father’s Day to our great Aurora daddies!