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Being an Earth Hero: Reducing (Aurora Aug. 17-21)


From a young age, children are interested in the world around them, and how to help the Earth as a kid! Kids can help save the Earth by making small changes now that will last them a lifetime!


In our UOI lesson, Aurora class is learning how to be an Earth Hero! We are now in the third LOI: Three Ways to Help the Earth which are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

今週から最後のLOI「自分たちの地球を守る」について学び始めました!まずは地球を守るための方法、3つのR - Reduce 減らす  Reuse  再利用 Recycle 再生利用(リサイクル) を紹介しました。

First, we read the book “Taking Care of the Earth”! We got some simple ways to take care of the planet where we live, the Earth. An Earth Hero can do the following:
• Clean up the litter
• Save electricity
• Conserve water
• Plant trees
• Reduce the use of single-use plastic
• Riding bicycles instead of driving vehicles

• ゴミを片付け、ゴミ箱に捨てる
• 節電する
• 節水する
• 木を植える
• プラスティックを再利用、再生利用する、又は減らす
• 車の代わりに自転車に乗る

Next, we started up talking about REDUCE ⬇️ which means to use less resources. Examples are use less water when washing hands, taking a bath, and brushing teeth, getting one push of soap when washing hands, flushing the toilet only once, use both sides of the paper when drawing, turn off the lights when before going outside, and unplug the tv after watching. We also introduced to them the different materials that we will be using for this LOI such as PET bottles, plastics, cans, and papers.


We also asked the students to choose one way of reducing from the examples above and let them promised to do it as an Earth Hero to help save the Earth! They were able to say, I will use less water/soap/paper. Thumbs up, Aurora!

上記にあるリストからみんなに自分の好きなものを選んでもらい、クラスのみんなの前で発表しました。「I will use less water/soap/paper」や「I will turn off lights」と大きな声でいう事ができました!オーロラさん、大変良くできました👏

We went to the gym on Wednesday and we got busy practicing for the upcoming Sportsfest! We did running race and we have to remember some things like to say “I’m here!” when our names were called, stand behind the starting line, listen to the go signal of the teacher ” On your marks…get set… go (whistle blown)” and to run as fast as we can up to the finish line! We also got a chance to rehearse for our dance performance “Eight Planets” and reminded to put a smile on our faces while dancing and dance with big movements! We are all very excited for this event!

かけっこは、名前を呼ばれたら大きな声で「I’m here」といい、位置につきます。「位置について、よ〜い」で笛を待ち、笛が鳴ったら走り出します。オーロラさんは上手にコーンの外側を走る事ができ、本番がとても楽しみです!

In phonics, we focused on the letter P, its sound and examples words such as parrot, penguin, panda, pig, and pan. We also practiced writing the uppercase P!


In math, we’ve been doing counting objects. They’ve been counting the objects on their own pointing each picture using their fingers and identify the number to be encircled. They have to say the number of objects they are counting with a big voice and count one by one.


That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog! Have a great weekend!

今週もオーロラブログを最後まで読んでいただきありがとうございました😊 良い週末をお過ごしください😉