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G1 – First Grade, Here We Come!

We are the first graders and we are a family. Spring time marks the beginning of our journey of growth, learning and development as elementary school students. This month we’ve started exploring so many things.


Creating the best environment for everyone means we have to set some rules and be sure to follow it. Our essential classroom agreement has been our guide on how to behave inside and outside the classroom. Discipline in the classroom means we will all be able to share our ideas one at a time. It also means we get to listen to everyone’s ideas. We need to practice on how to focus because there are still a lot of things that catches our attention. Hopefully, we will gradually get used to the schedule that we have.


Also, our groups were able to decide on the best actions to use to one of the songs we sing in class. It was a bit difficult when at times we won’t agree with each other. But we are a team which means we all have to treat each other nicely and come up with the right decision for everyone.


We are now building relationships not just with our family but with friends, classmates, and teachers. For this month we will talk more about the different kinds of relationships and why it is helpful to maintain good relationships with the people around us. We first learned what friendship is. Then we tried making our own friendship soup. We shared our ideas on what ingredients we need and the steps to follow in making one. Making friendship last for a lifetime is our goal that’s why we have to learn what to put and what to avoid putting in our own friendship soup.


Then, we discovered that family relationship is just as important as friendship. Remembering the different vocabulary for family members was a bit tough so it took us some time to be able to say and spell the words. Next, we created our own family minibook. We ended the task by presenting the minibook to our group and the whole class.


On Fridays, we get to jog and visit a park. We all had a great time and had fun in the sun. It is nice to get some fresh air and doses of sunlight. Exercise is helpful to our little body. This will give us more strength and energy for the whole day. That’s why we also enjoy our P.E. classes. Not just because we have to travel and use the bus but we get to have more playtime during P.E. time!


This is just the first month for us. There are still more books to read, more things to know, and more places to go. We are the first graders. And we’re more than that. We are a family of twenty-one newbies.