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2nd & 3rd grade Feb 10th – 14th

Hello everyone!

Amazing beginning of the 6th unit of inquiry for the second and third graders and it could not have been better. An introduction to one of the most delicate issues around the world “poverty”. But students showed great enthusiasm and it was reflected on the different activities that involved research, art and a lot of real situations that helped the kids grasp and reflect on this matter. But not everything was about poverty and difficult times, the kids also joined a very fun swimming lesson as well as a very traditional tea ceremony. And now the big question is, will they be able to find a way to eradicate poverty in the world? Please stay tuned and follow us at the International School of Nagano to get the latest updates.

皆さん、こんにちは。今週はユニット6の素晴らしいスタートを切りました。世界中のとても繊細な問題”貧困”についての導入部分を学習しました。とてもテーマに対して熱意を示し、この問題について理解しよく考えることに役立つ多くの現状、リサーチ、美術などを含む様々な活動があります。ずっと貧困や困難な時代についてだけに取り組んでいたわけではありません。楽しい水泳のレッスンにも行きましたし、茶道も体験しました。さて、大きな質問です。みんなは世界の貧困を撲滅する方法を探し出せるでしょうか? 良い週末をお過ごしください。来週のブログをお楽しみに。