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“Tickle, Tickle, Little Feet” Aurora- April 26-28

Hello Everyone,


We would like to welcome you once again on our blog for this week. We only have three days prior to Golden Week. It’s kind of short, yet it’s full of so much fun-learning activities.


✅ Unit Of Inquiry

For our UOI, we talked about the size of our feet and did compare from one another. First of all, we painted our feet with the blue color paint. We had lots of giggles along the way which brought either discomfort or laughter. Do you know it tickles more when the teacher paints students’ feet than when they paint their own? The children enjoyed this fun process of painting and leaving foot prints. After it dried, we measured the length of our foot using cubes blocks. We counted the number of blocks corresponding to our foot’s length and we counted the number of our toes as well . And we recorded the data on the paper, “My feet are 6 cubes long” or “My feet are 7 cubes long” and “I have 10 toes”. We could tell if the size of our feet are the same or different by counting the cubes on our footprint. We then said, We are the same or we are different. And after counting our toes, we said, We’re the same.

今週の活動の一つに、足の大きさを比べてみる活動がありました。まず初めに、青色の絵の具を足裏に塗り足形をとりました。くすぐったい気持ちと不快な気持ちを抑えながら、楽しく行いました。自分で足に色塗りをするより、先生にされた方がよりくすぐったく感じるものです。子供達はみんなこのプロセスを楽しみました。足形が乾いた後、キューブブロックを使い、足の大きさを確認しました。そして、”My feet are 6 cubes long” “My feet are 7 cubes long” “I have 10 toes”など、皆んなのサイズを記録しました。キューブを使い大きさを比べて、同じ、または違う、と言いあい、指の数を数えて、We’re the sameと言いました。

✅ Mathematics

Aurora class was asked to put the numbers one to five in ascending order by group. How good it was seeing them working together to get the desired result of what was asked of them. With this activity, we have acquired both the skills of recognizing and putting the number in sequence.


✅ Tracing letter C and Phonics

This week, we were working on tracing the uppercase letter C and learning the sound Cc for cat, cow, car, candle, and caterpillar. Then we colored the objects that start with alphabet C.

今週は、大文字のCをライティングレッスンで学びました。cat, cow, car, candle, caterpillarなど、cから始まる単語を学び、アルファベットをトレーシングしました。

And lastly, we had a wonderful time together in the park. 最後に、公園でも楽しい時間を過ごしました!

Have a wonderful Golden Week ISN family.素晴らしいゴールデンウィークをお過ごしください。