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“The Foods We like”Aurora- May 17-21


Another fantastic week in Aurora class is here.

✅ Phonics

We started our week with Phonics. Letter D says /d/ for dog, dinosaur, door, dolphin, and drum. We learned to say the letter with its sound altogether and then, one by one. After learning phonics, we colored the objects that start with alphabet D. Coloring helps our littlest develop their hand-strength which is very important for proper pencil grip. It also stimulates creativity and encourages self-expression. Some like using a single color while others like using rainbow colors.
フォニックスレッスンでは、アルファベットのDについて学び、dog, dinosaur, door, dolphin, drumなどdから始まる単語も習いました。クラスで一緒にdの持っている音を確認し、声に出してから、先生が1人ずつと練習をしました。その後、書き方を習い、dから始まる単語の絵に色塗りをしました。小さい子にとっての色塗りは、今後の鉛筆を使用するために必要な筆圧を鍛え、また創造力に刺激を与え、自分自身を表現する力にも繋がります。単色をこのむ子供もいれば、何色も使いレインボーカラーに仕上げる子供もいます😁


This week, we talked about the foods we like. First, we sang the “Do you like broccoli” song, then we have come up to the front of the class and picked out the fruit 🍎 🍉 🍌 that we like and said, I like strawberry/ apple/pineapple/watermelon, etc. with an audible voice. Thereupon, we colored the picture of the fruit that we selected.

今週のUOIです。好きな食べ物について、1人ひとりが探求活動を行いました。“Do you like broccoli”の歌を歌い、その後1人ひとり前に立ち、好きな果物を選び、”I like strawberry/ apple/pineapple/watermelon, etc.”とセンテンスを言いました🍎 🍉 🍌 好きな果物の絵の色塗りも行いました。

✅ Yummy Lunch


Thank you very much mummies for preparing yummy lunch of our littlest. They couldn’t hide the joy from their face upon opening their lunch box. They loved it until the last bite. You are the best mummies in the world.


✅ Outside Play

Even if it’s raining this week, we still had wonderful moments playing in the schoolyard and in the sandpit. We have rules for play and the most important one is sharing.


✅We Are Communicators Corner

We would want to stimulate our littlest to speak more English by jotting down all the sentences/phrases they have said everyday and have them stick it on the wall with their pictures.


✅ Monthly Song

Before we sang the goodbye song in the afternoon, we gathered around our closing corner and had some reflections of what we did for the day and praised the students who have done their best by giving them stars. Then we sang our favorite song, Stroll and then Goodbye song.

帰りの会には、サヨナラのお歌を歌う前、クラスのコーナーに集まり、1日の振り返りをします。今日は何をしたのかを振り返り、またみんながした良い行いを褒め合います。その後に、今月のお歌strollを歌い、goodbye songを歌います♫

Have a safe and fantastic weekend everyone.