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“Identifying And Describing Feelings” Aurora-October 11-15


We have another enjoyable activities this week.今週も楽しい一週間になりました。

✅ Unit of Inquiry

Aurora class has been talking about variety of feelings since the beginning of this unit with our Transdisciplinary Theme; How We Express Ourselves. This week we gained more learning experiences as we worked in a group to make different feelings using the face puzzles with our goal focusing on feelings. We used the mirror to see our face with different feelings. And then we watched a short video, The Rainbow Fish. It’s wonderful to know how Aurora class could easily identify the feelings of the characters by looking at the facial expression and listening to the voice. We also had another activity using pictures of different situations which we stuck on the wall around the classroom and Aurora students would identify what feeling is expressed on the situation. Surprisingly, Aurora got the right feeling of each situation. Well done!

” How We Express Ourselves ”というテーマの元、このユニットの初めからずっと色々なFeeling(感情)について話をしています。この沢山ある感情に焦点を当てながら、グループにて活動をしました。グループごとに顔のパズルを組み立て、色々な表情を作ってみました。そして、鏡を使い、実際の自分の表情を観察しました。それから、ビデオ鑑賞をし、Rainbow Fishの心の移り変わりと感情、表情を観察しました。声の感じを聞き取り、顔の表情をビデオから読み取り、そこからどのような感情なのかを分かることができていました。もう一つの活動は、感情に合う状況を見分けることをゲーム形式で学びました。クラス内に状況のフラッシュカードを貼り、先生の示す感情と合う状況を見つけてタッチする、というゲームです。驚いたことに、みんな正しく状況と感情をマッチさせることができていました。Well Done!!

✅ Park

We walked to the Park and had so much fun playing together at the play structure. We always make sure that we walk safe back and forth by remembering the rules for walking. Yes! We are getting more organized this time. 歩いて公園へ行ってきました。遊具で一緒に楽しく遊びました。歩き出す前には必ず、歩き方のルールを安全のため、先生と一緒に確認し、声に出して言います。歩き方も上達しました!

✅ English Phrase

Our English phrase for this month is, Can I have a ball, please? We all enjoyed the speaking activity by saying, Can I have a blue/yellow/red ball, please? The teacher would say, Here you are and Aurora answered, Thank you!今月の英語のフレーズは、 Can I have ~?です。 Can I have a blue/yellow/red ball, please? とセンテンスを楽しく練習しています。先生が、Here you are!というと、Thank you!と返してくれます。

✅ Mathematics

We have been learning about patterns, ordinal numbers (1st to 10th), counting 1-100. And this week we traced number 7. For ordinal numbers, we put in order from first to tenth the pictures of our daily activity. We had lots of fun!


We also had our Swimming lesson, Music lesson, Gym lesson, and phonics. Every activity is engaging and fun.スイミング、ジム、フォニックス、ミュジックなど、楽しく活動しました。

Have a nice weekend everyone.良い週末を!