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Fun at the Playground! Aurora Sept.26-30

Hello everyone and welcome back to Aurora’s weekly blog!🤗 This week, we took a break from our regular phonics and UOI lessons. In phonics, we played Feed the Bear to review letter names and sounds of A to N. Everyone did a great job in searching the letters called out by the teacher and fed it to the bear while saying the name of the letter and its sound. Well done!👏

オーロラのウィークリーブログにようこそ! フォニックスでは、熊に餌をあげながらAからNまでのアルファベットとその音を復習しました。先生が言ったアルファベットをみんなで一生懸命探し、文字の名前と音を言いながら熊に食べさせました。 よく出来ました!

In UOI, we closed the unit through an interview. Teacher asked questions about what they liked and learned about the unit. They all did a fantastic job in answering the questions with confidence which only showed that they really understood and remembered what we had done in the unit. Next week, we will start exploring the new unit which is HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES and we are excited to know more and talk about their feelings!🥰


Aurora students are always excited to go to the park. Being able to play at the playground has been their motivation to walk from school to the park. Walking is a good exercise for them and by this they are learning how to be safe when walking on the street like when and why to stop. Of course, before leaving school, we always review the safety rules in walking on the street. We also have rules to follow when playing at the playground. It’s very important that they know the dos and don’ts for each play structure and we let them explore how to use them like think of ways how they can climb up and down the structure. Look how everyone had fun playing with their friends!🥰

オーロラの子ども達は、いつも公園に行くのを楽しみにしています。 遊具で遊べることが、公園まで歩くモチベーションになっています。 歩くことは彼らにとって良い運動であり、どんな時に、どんな理由で止まるかなど、道路での交通安全の方法を学んでいます。勿論、学校を出発する前にも、街を歩く際の安全ルールを常に確認しています。 また、遊具で遊ぶ際に守るべき約束事もあります。 子供たちが各遊具の構造や、すべきことと、すべきでないことを知っていることは、とても重要です。 友達と楽しく遊ぶ様子をご覧ください!

Playgrounds are great for building both gross and fine motor skills in kids. At the playground, kids can swing, climb, slide and more while they stretch and develop their muscles and their control of these muscle groups. Children experience freedom when they play outside. Outdoor play is a natural way for children of all ages to do physical activity. It’s good for children’s health and well-being to be physically active through play. Being active burns energy and can help prevent illnesses in adulthood.

Since we were done with our Sports Festival, we are back to our regular gym activities. We started with some stretching exercises, danced their favorite dance exercise, and did some fun tricks with a ball. Everybody missed these activities and did their best! Great job!👏

遊び場は、子供たちの粗大運動能力と微細運動能力の両方を伸ばすのに最適です。 遊び場で、子供たちは筋肉を伸ばし、発達させ、これらの筋肉群を制御しながら、ブランコ、よじ登り、滑りなどを行うことができます。子どもたちは外で遊ぶことで自由を体験します。 屋外での遊びは、あらゆる年齢の子供が身体活動を行うための自然な方法です。 遊びを通して体を動かすことは、子供たちの健康と幸福につながります。活動的であることは、エネルギーを燃焼させ、成人期の病気の予防にも役立ちます。

体育祭が終え、通常のジム活動に戻りました。 ストレッチ体操から始め、お気に入りのダンスエクササイズを踊り、ボールを使った楽しいトリックを行いました。 みんな、これらの活動を懐かしみ、最善を尽くしました! よくできました!

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!😊