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Aurora-Traffic safety and wrapping up our unit(June 17-21)

Hello everyone! The highlight of our week was listening to a traffic safety lecture given by a lady from the city office. She came with her friend Mr. Squirrel and they had an interesting conversation that was meant to make us better understand how to defend ourselves against harm on the road. Keeping safe out there is a very important life skill needed by adults and children alike. We practised how to cross the road safely. The most important thing is to stop and check for oncoming traffic from both sides and to raise one’s hand as high as possible while keeping eyes glued to where one is headed. We always practise this when we go for our walks as well. Everyone knows that “eyes in front” is the golden rule for a successful stroll.



Tuesday was a very wet day but we are lucky our lessons at the fitness center are conducted indoors, otherwise the lesson would have been cancelled. Everyone is now used to the big pool and they have all built up some confidence in their own unique ways. Yay to being RISK-TAKERS.


Phonics and the letter E

This week we studied the letter E!



The highlight of this week’s gym lesson was the ball activity we did. Everyone showcased how quick they are on their feet.




Unit 1 officially ends on the 28th of June. We have already covered everything in our two lines of inquiry ,so we will spend the following week revising what we learnt and trying to REFLECT on what we can do better.

Reminders: 1)We begin pool play in the schoolyard next week. Please don’t forget to pack their pool bags everyday except for when it rains.

2) Bus trip is scheduled for the Thursday the 27th and everyone has to carry packed lunches from home. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

Have a superb weekend.

Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.


1) 来週から園庭でプール遊びが始まります。雨の日以外は、毎日プールバッグをご持参いただきますようお願いいたします。

2) 27日(木)にバス遠足が予定されています。雨が降らないことを祈っています!