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Aurora: Be a fountain, not a drain. (June 24th~28th)

We ended our week on a great note as our bus trip to Yoshikawa park was a success!Everyone enjoyed getting splashed by the fountain and eating their delicious lunches under the blue sky. Special thanks go to our wonderful mommies and daddies for preparing nice bentos for us!


A fish jumps out of water-SPLASH!

On Monday morning we all gathered in the music room for the birthday party! Aurora’s homeroom teacher prepared prompts for everyone to enjoy singing the infamous, ‘sakana ga hanette..” nursery rhyme. Happy birthday to our own I and S!



Although it had been very hot for quite a while, summer became official on Friday the 21st. We spent our week cooling down in the school yard pool!



This week was our last to sing the ‘katatsumuri’ and ‘aomushi’ songs. The music teacher will teach us new songs next week!

We have been serious about our vegetable watering roster and the results are showing! Our Japanese radish will be ready for harvesting any time soon!



Have a fun and restful weekend as UNIT 2 awaits us on Monday!

月曜日にはUNIT 2がスタートします!素敵な週末をお過ごしください♪

Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.