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Aurora:UNIT 2 and gym open day (July 1st-5th)

Hello everyone.
The highlight of our week was the gym open day. Ms.Airi prepared fun activities for Aurora and the parents. During reflection time, most students said they enjoyed chasing after and being chased by their parents. A heartfelt thank you to the parents and guardians for taking time out of your busy schedules to be there for your little ones!


There is a close connection between animals and us

The central idea for unit 2 is that humans and animals are closely connected. As part of our unit of inquiry, we did a sorting activity. The students had to separate water animals from farm animals and then we watched a video about various types of animals followed by a discussion about our thoughts on the video.

ユニット2のCentral idea(中心となる考え)は、人間と動物は密接に結びついているということです。探究の一環として、まず私たちはどんな動物がどんな場所に暮らしているかをオーロラさんに尋ねました。一人ずつカードを選び、それが海に暮らしているのか、農場に暮らしているのかを考えてもらいました。その後、様々な種類の動物についてのビデオを見た後、どんな動物がいたのか感想を話し合いました。

Star festival craft(Tanabata)

We did a star festival craft on Thursday and the teacher wrote the students’ wishes down to hang on the bamboo tree. It’s displayed at the entrance of the campus so If you have the opportunity to, please take a look at your children’s wishes.



Ms.Nishimura taught us new songs. We sang kira kira hoshi sama and played the castanets to the tune of the piano.


There were lots of absences this week due to fevers and colds. Rumor has it that some high schools around the city have been temporarily closed due to an outbreak of COVID. There is not much one can do to avoid contracting airborne diseases but, please try to take care out there! Have a wonderful weekend.


Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.