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We enjoy learning(Meadow-April 19th−23rd)

楽しんで学んでいます(Meadowクラス 4月19日から23日より)

Hello everyone,


Spring is in the air. We still can feel cold mornings and nights and getting hot at daytime. 3weeks have passed since our class has started. We are so excited to our kid’s growth everyday. They learned how to sit nicely and listen to the teacher speaking in front of them. Our little learners remember the songs we sing everyday, learned how to hum, clap their hands and stomp their feet. This week, we learned about Numbers, Alphabets, Colors and feelings. We were really amazed how they paid attention, raised their hands and were eager to answer the teacher’s question. We are so proud of you Meadow students😍


We found Spring


Our little learners had so much fun on our outdoor play. We noticed how they love nature. They looked for flowers, enjoyed picking up stones, finding insects and telling their names and numbers .


Tears turned into smiles.


Our kids gradually get used to school life. Getting along with friends, play together and feel they are being loved and feeling secured. Everyday after school, we can see smiles on their faces saying “goodbye, see you tomorrow”.


Thank you for reading our blog. Keep safe and have a wonderful weekend.