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Our first bus Trip (Meadow- May 10th~14th)

初めてのバス遠足 5月10から14日より

Hello everyone,


The first day of the week! Our little ones came with smiles on their faces. The reason why was~ we had our first bus trip to the big park. Upon arriving the park, we had our kids walked using the rope, holding the ring tightly. They walked well and straight following their friends in front of them. We brought the blowing bubbles and children enjoyed catching them as the teacher blew for it them. Some friends were busy finding ants here and there, and the boys were satisfied looking at the trains passing by. They enjoyed climbing up the hill that made them hungry and tired and coming back to school their parent’s made packed lunch were waiting. They enjoyed them a lot and were amazed of the foods they had. It was a wonderful experience for everyone. Thanks a lot to parents for your cooperation and especially for preparing the children’s delicious lunch.


A present for mom on Mother’s Day


After a week holiday, we’ve got a time to make our craft. Kids expressed their affection to their moms by making a bunch of flower on Mother’s Day. They all enjoyed choosing different kinds of decorative paper and stuck them on the construction paper to make a flower. They were delighted making them and were so excited to hand them to their moms.

ゴールデンウイーク後、クラフトをしました。子供達は母の日の花束を作って お母さんへの大好きな気持ちを表しました。 みんな様々な飾りの紙を選び、花を形作るのに画用紙に貼りました。みんな喜んで作ってお母さんに渡すのを楽しみにしていました。

It’s getting hot each day. Our little ones love Wednesdays because we get on the bus to the gym. They started on stretching their body, then racing with friends. The teacher gave them hula-hoop and tried to use them in different ways. We hopped in and out the ring, held and pushed them walking around, and the teacher rolled them away and children ran toward the ring to catch them. They all sweat and got tired that some of them slept in the school bus on our way back to school.


Thank you for reading our blog. Have a wonderful weekend.