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Our first visit to the park (Meadow-October 4th-8th)

Hello everyone,

初めて行った公園 (Meadowクラス 10月4日から8日より)

We’re back for another story of our class this week. We went to another park this week. The place is quite a distant from school and we need to cross the busy road where lots of cars are passing by. Our little ones enjoyed walking and also learned the danger of running out into the street. Some of the kids said the traffic light is “Red” so we need to “Stop”! And green is “Go!” We hurriedly crossed the road and when the light was green ,the kids grabbed the walking rope tightly following friends in front of them. The park was new to them and most of them enjoyed climbing up the net and played on things that were new to them. They had so much fun.


On the other day, we also walked to another park near the school. Our little ones enjoyed picking up acorns, slid down the slide, picked up some bean-like shaped plants and rode on the playground springer. They learned how to be patience waiting for their turn to the ride. We counted 1-10 to the first rider and they gave the turn to the next friends who were waiting. Good job, Meadow😊

先日スクール近くの別の公園へも歩いて行ってきました。子供達はどんぐりを拾って楽しんだり滑り台で遊んだり豆のような形をしている植物を摘んだり、ばねのついた乗り物に乗ったりしました。最初に乗ったお友達に1から10迄数えて順番を待っている次のお友達に交代しました。お約束を守れたね、Meadowクラスのお友達 😊

This month, our lesson are about Halloween and Shapes. This week, we learned about some Halloween character vocabularies and Shapes. For shapes, we sang the shapes song while showing the flashcards. We looked for the shapes in the classroom and said the word together. We have showed the illustration of shapes and asked students to pick up and matched them.

Gym Day


Our little learners enjoyed stretching, ran around and jumped like a rabbit following their teacher. Have a glance how they did it😊

子供達は先生の真似をして柔軟体操や走ったりウサギのようにジャンプするのを楽しみました。どのように行ったのか少しご覧ください。 😊

Thank you for reading our blog. See you and have a wonderful weekend.

ブログをお読みいただきありがとうございます。              また来週お会いしましょう。                        素敵な週末をお過ごしください。