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Our Jack O' Lantern (October 11th-15th)

ジャック・オー・ランタン  10月11日から15日より

Hello everyone,


We have another fun week spent together. As we continue learning our topic about shapes, We decided to make our Halloween craft that is related to it. Our little learners enjoyed making their Jack O’ Lanterns using different shapes to make a face. Before sticking them on, they were able to say the shapes and some of them made a sentence like, “ triangle nose, circle eyes!” They enjoyed sticking on the parts of the face and made their own version of Jack O’ Lantern.

今週も皆で一緒に楽しく過ごしました。形についてのテーマを引き続き学んでいますので、ハロウィーンに関連した工作を行うことにしました。子供達は顔を作るのに様々な形の紙を使ってジャック・オー・ランタンを作って楽しみました。それらを貼る前に形また三角の鼻、丸い目などの様に英語で言ったり出来ました。みんな顔の部位をカボチャの場用紙に貼って自分だけの ジャック・オー・ランタン が出来上がりました。

Fun day at the park.


Our little ones get used to walking to the nearest park. They were aware of the dangers of cars passing by and they kept on saying “car is coming! Stop!” And they enjoyed spending time playing , and taking turns with their friends.

子供達は近くの公園へ歩いていくのに慣れてきました。みんな車が通り過ぎる危険性を認識しており “car is coming! Stop!” と言い、立ち止まっています。又公園で友達と遊んだり遊具を順番で使ったりして楽しく過ごしました。



The weather was hot and our little ones had lots of energy on stretching and moving their bodies. They did their best jumping over the rope from left to right being careful not to step on the rope. Most of them sweat a lot when we were back to school. Have a look on their movements.


Thank you for reading our blog. Have a nice weekend and see you next week.