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Dress up party( Meadow- November 29th-December 3rd)

洋服作ってパーティー Meadowクラス 11月29日から12月3日より

Hello everyone,


We enjoyed the whole month learning about clothes. This week, we reviewed the vocabulary and phrases that we have learned. During our free play, our little ones helped to make clothes made of newspaper. They used their fingers to tear the newspaper and used tape to connect each side. Then walked into the classroom showing their clothes to their friends. Lastly, we interviewed them one by one and asked what they are wearing.


Outdoor play


In the outdoor play area, children stretch, bend, and exercise their muscles. As soon as they reach the play area, they ran for the climber, played with sand and stones, and grasped things they wanted to play with. We can see right away that they are not only having fun, they are also using their bodies in healthy ways. Some kids really enjoyed the climbing steps and we noticed how they developed their arm and leg strength and coordination protecting themselves not to fall down.

外遊びの場では子供達は柔軟や体を曲げたり筋肉を動かしたりしています。公園などの遊び場に着くとすぐに登る遊具に走っていったり、砂や石、そして遊びたいものをなどで遊んでいます。子供達がただ楽しむだけではなく健全に体を使っているのがすぐに分かります。何人かは段差を登ったりすることを本当に楽しんでおり、 私達は腕や足の強さがどのように発達し、 転んだりしないように身を守る為の協調を認識しています。

Recognizing and counting numbers

Our little learners enjoy singing the number song on our morning circle. We did the activity of counting apples and recognized the number and matched it to the same number on the wall. Good job, Meadow!


Thank you for reading our blog. Have a wonderful weekend.