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Meadow March 5-9, 2018

Hello Dear Parents!
It’s our great privilege to update you what our youngsters have been doing this week.
Thank you for coming to the Gym Open Day! It is the highlight of this week’s activities. Our angels were very enthusiastic doing the Gym Class with their lovely parents. Rainbow and Meadow had Gym Class together. Look at the different smiles on their faces. Everyone looked great. However, some of our angels started crying when the time came to bid goodbye to their parents, but by the time we got back to school, everyone felt good again.

Our little ones have mastered telling about their feelings. When asked, How are you today? They could say, I’m happy/ sad/angry/ sleepy with understanding. Well done, Meadow! This week, we have started counting from 1-10. We sang, “Ten Little Fingers” and listened to Cd the story about “Tiny Boppers”. We have also started learning about Vegetables. Our youngsters were very confident to tap the picture of the vegetable that I mentioned. Good job!
何人かの子どもたちが、自分の気持ちを表現できるようになりました。ごきげんいかが?と質問するとちゃんと理解して、元気/悲しい/怒ってる/眠い と言えました。今週は、“Ten Little Fingers”を歌ったりCDで“Tiny Boppers”のお話を聞いたりしながら1~10まで数えました。それから、野菜の名前も習い始めました。みんな、野菜の名前を言うと自信満々にその野菜のカードを選んでいました。メドーさん、よくできました!

Cherry Blossoms is fast approaching that’s why we were excited to make a Spring craft this week. Look how our youngsters stamped many flowers on the tree using paint.

During free-play time, our angels were free to make anything out of their imagination using blocks and kitchen stuff and play according to their choice.

Have a great weekend everyone!