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Meadow March 12-16, 2018

Hello Parents!
This week, we have learned the alphabet, F for fish, G for grape, and H for house. We did the touching the correct letter game and everyone enthusiastically participated in the game. We have also continued learning the vegetables. Our angels could identify the names of vegetables they are eating everyday during lunch time. Well done! We also did a touching game activity for vegetables. We have been singing the Incy Wincy Spider song. Our little ones loved this song with action.
今週は、アルファベットのFishの“F”、Grapeの”G”、Houseの“H”を学びました。指定したアルファベットをタッチして答える事ができ、みんな熱心に取り組んでいました。野菜の名前も、絵と名前が一致出来るように引き続き確認しました。ランチの中に入っている野菜を見つけては、子どもたちの方から野菜の名前を言う事が出来ていました。新しい歌の、”The Incy Wincy Spider“は、振り付けつきで楽しんでいます。

The Gym Class was also full of fun for our youngsters. Everyone tried their best to do the physical exercises. Running was part of our activity. Our angels ran as fast as they could and felt very proud reaching at the other end of the wall. They also liked jumping on the snake-like rope. And the all time favorite “Bee Tag” game filled the gym with a joyful noise. Meadow and Rainbow had joined the Gym Class together.

Oh, yes! Meadow and Rainbow angels went to the park and they had lots of fun playing together.

Have a wonderful weekend!