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We enjoyed painting for Dad(Meadow-May 30-June3)

Hello everyone,

Welcome, June! The new month has started and we still enjoy the cool breeze in the mornings.

6月がやってきました! 新しい月が始まりましたが、まだ朝はひんやりとした風を楽しむことができます。

This month, we are celebrating “Father’s Day” and we made a present for dad. Our little learners were excited to make something for their father. This time, we used the brush to paint a shirt made of cardboard and we asked each of them to choose the colors they like. It was a good sensory experience for them to touch the paint and how it feels to move the brush with their arm across the cardboard. They enjoyed using the laundry clip with cotton dipping it in the paint and pressing it slowly on the paper to make dots for the pocket. We will display them on the wall outside the classroom and bring them home on the day before “Father’s Day”

今月は「父の日」!ということで、大好きなパパのためにプレゼント作りをしました!💐小さな学習者さんたちは、パパのために何かを作ることにワクワク😆✨今回は、段ボールで作ったTシャツに、一人一人に好きな色を選んでもらい、ブラシを使って色を塗っていきました。絵の具を触ってみたり、腕を動かしてブラシが厚紙をザッザッと撫でる感触を味わったりと、楽しい感覚的な体験になりました。洗濯バサミにコットンを挟んだ特製ポンポンブラシを、絵の具に浸して紙にゆっくり押し付け、ポケットに水玉模様を作るのも楽しみました。しばらく教室の外に飾って「父の日 」の前には持ち帰る予定です。全員とってもかわいく出来たのでオープンデーでお越し際にもぜひご覧ください☺️

Move your body- Gym day

Physical activity strengthens muscles, bones, and the brain. In the gym, we started with stretching, our youngsters enjoyed using the ball in different ways to move their bodies. They used their muscles to lift the ball with both legs, throw, catch, and chased and kicked the ball. They sweat a lot but had so much fun.


Reviewing Zoo and Farm animals’ names.

Before we jump to the next month’s topic, we reviewed the animals’ names. Our little learners were able to say their names and the sounds they make. Good job, Meadow!



Our youngsters enjoy hitting the hand-made drum, shaking the maracas, and a guitar. They enjoyed playing them while singing “Old Mac Donald had a farm E-I-E-I-O!” and some friends matched the animal puzzle on the floor. Threading also helps them increase their concentration span as well as improve their fine motor skills.

手作りのドラムを叩いたり、マラカスを振ったり、ギターを弾いたりして楽しんでいます♬「Old Mac Donald had a farm E-I-E-I-O!」と歌いながら、床に置かれた動物パズルを合わせるお友だちもいて、楽しく遊んでいました。また、ひも通しは集中力を高め、手先の発達に役立ちます。

Outside play

Our youngsters enjoyed playing in the yard, kicking the ball, playing in the sandpit sharing toys with friends, and remembering the rules when playing in the sandpit like not throwing the sand up and outside the sandbox. Some of them also enjoyed picking up the dried dandelion asking “ What’s this?” and blowing them.


We had wonderful days together!


Have a nice weekend