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Down in the deep blue sea-Meadow(June6-10)

Hello everyone,

It has been another week of having fun learning and playing. This month, we are learning about the sea animals’ names. We used flashcards of sea animals and let the children follow after the teacher saying their names: fish, octopus, crab, sea horse, baby shark, jellyfish, and turtle. We created the atmosphere of being in the sea by hanging some sea animal pictures on the ceiling and decorating the wall with the printed sea picture. Our youngsters enjoyed pointing out the sea animal’s name while we sang “Down in the deep blue sea”.

今週も楽しく学んで遊びました!今月は海の生き物の名前について学んでいます。フラッシュカードを使って、魚、タコ、カニ、タツノオトシゴ、サメの赤ちゃん、クラゲ、カメの名前を先生が先に述べ、子どもたちが続けて言います。天井から海の生き物の絵を吊るしたり、壁に海の絵を飾ったりして、海の中にいるような雰囲気を作りました🐠 みんなで「Down in the deep blue sea」を歌いながら生き物を指差して楽しみました。

We made the baby shark’s hat. Our youngsters enjoyed coloring the printed baby shark’s hat. They were able to mention the crayon colors they used. Then we cut them and asked them to assemble them using tape on each side to fit their head size. And after that, we danced the “baby shark dance”.

サメの赤ちゃんの帽子を作りました!まずは色塗りから。プリントしたサメの赤ちゃんに、クレヨンを使ってみんなで楽しく色を塗りました。「これは、Red!」「Blue!」「 Pink!」などなど、使っているクレヨンの色も上手に言えるようになりました💕 その後、頭の大きさに合わせてカットし、両脇にテープを貼って組み立てて完成。その後は出来たての帽子を被って「ベイビーシャークダンス」を踊りました🦈 みんなとってもかわいかったです😆

Finding Sea animals. Our youngsters used their binoculars to find the sea animals in the ocean wall decorations. They looked closer to the picture and pointed at them with their finger saying their names.


Our youngsters enjoyed fishing. Using the rod with a magnet. They were blissful when they had their turn and were able to catch the sea animal. They were amazed shouting, A fish! crab! Baby shark!

【魚釣り遊びを楽しみました】磁石のついた手作りの竿を使って魚釣りをしました。自分の番がまわってきて、生き物を釣り上げたときは、みんなとってもいいお顔😆「Fish!」「Crab!」「Baby shark!」と大喜びでした♬

Learning A, B, C!. From this month, we have started learning our phonics. We are learning letters A, B, and C this month. We asked students to copy the teacher saying: A, a-a-a-A! B, b-b-b B! C, c-c-c C!. Our youngsters are good imitators. They opened their mouth big imitating the teacher.

【A,B,Cの学習】今月からフォニックスの学習が始まりました!今月はA、B、Cの文字と発音を学んでいます。子ども達に先生が言ったのを真似してもらいました。「A, a-a-a-A! B, b-b-b B! C, c-c-c C!」子ども達は真似っこが上手です。先生の真似をして大きな口を開けて言えました👍

To get familiar with the songs we sing every day, we made maracas filling in the plastic bottles with acorns and they chose their favorite colors of tapes and decorated around them. Then we sang the phonics song over and over. They were able to memorize the song gradually. They had fun shaking back and forth producing a louder or softer sound.


Fun, Fun Gym day.

Getting in touch with nature. Children learn how how to appreciate nature. Finding dandelions and some flowers in the yard made them smile. They have a lot of words to describe: their colors, their smell, and also appreciate their beauty. Flowers mean special and it’s for special people. Some kids say I want to give this to my mom! ” That’s so sweet!”


Attached are the songs we are singing this month. Enjoy singing with the kids.

今月の曲を添付します。 お家でも子ども達と一緒に歌って楽しんでください♬

Enjoy dancing! Have a wonderful weekend!