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Feel the fresh air outside-Meadow(June 20th-24th)

Hello everyone,

It has been a bright sunny day to start our week. One of those days after the morning circle, we did it for the first time having our snack in the yard. We spread the leisure sheet under the shade and enjoyed our snack. Kids enjoyed the different scenario and breathed the early morning fresh air.


With the weather heating up, it’s the perfect time to play with water. That made the children feel cool and had fun scooping the sparking stones toy, pouring the water, and also exploring their senses. They also enjoyed fishing and sharing toys with friends.


Learning A B C phonics

Starting with recognizing the Letters A, B, C this month, our youngsters also enjoy saying the phonics of each letter. Our youngsters love raising their hands and show the flashcards they have and say the word in front of their friends saying A-a- Apple! B-b-Bus! C-c– Cat! Good job Meadow!

今月はA、B、Cの文字を認識することから始めましたが、みんな各文字のフォニックスを言うのを楽しんでいます。子どもたちは手を元気に挙げて、持っているフラッシュカードを見せて、クラスのみんなの前で「A-a-Apple」と言葉を言うのが大好きです。「 B-b-Bus!」「C-c-Cat!」上手に出来たね、メドーさん♪

Gym day

Our youngsters one of their favorite days, The gym day! This week, the first time for the kids to experience holding and playing with the para- balloon. It was a huge one, but they could hold it, went over and under it. That was challenging and fun.

こどもたちの大好きなジムレッスン! 今週は初めてパラバルーンを使って体を動かす体験をしました。 巨大なバルーンでしたがしっかり掴んで、上に乗っかったり、下に潜ったり。みんな大興奮でした😁やりがいがあって楽しかったね!

Thank you for reading our blog.

Have a wonderful weekend😀