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Enjoy nature and keep our body warm- Meadow(November 14th-18th)

A warm hello from Meadow class. Meadowクラスの皆様、こんにちは!

This week, we had pleasant weather and enjoyed most of our mornings playing in the yard and going to the park. Our youngsters burn off some energy and get physically active by running in the yard, chasing with their friends, getting engaged in nature. The sandpit gets crowded and the kids were busy making something out of the sand. We can loudly hear”Happy birthday to you!” from some of the kids making sand cakes and having a party with their friends. Picking up scatterred acorns entertained them too.

今週は素晴らしい天候に恵まれ公園に行ったり、園庭で楽しむことが毎日のようにできました。園庭を走り回ったり、お友達と追いかけっこを楽しんだり、また自然と戯れながらエネルギーを十分に消費しました!お砂場は子ども達で一杯になり、みんなそれぞれお砂で何かを一生懸命に作っている姿が見られました。”Happy birthday to you!”のおおきな声が聞こえたり、お砂のバースディケーキを作りまるでお誕生会を開いているかのように楽しんでいました。園庭に落ちているどんぐりを拾いも楽しみました!

Learning body parts is getting more fun with some of the activities we did. Before starting the lesson, we sing the song ” Head, shoulders, knees and toes” and Meadow gets excited as the tempo gets faster.

We did the activity “Touch your… nose, eyes, mouth” and more. They enjoyed repeating the phrase while pointing to the body parts being asked.

We read the book ” From head to toe” where the characters are animals. Kids pretended to be an elephant, giraffe, donkey and etc., and imitated their movements and say ” I can do it!” Have a closer look at their adorable pose.

BodyPartsについてのレッスンもますます面白くなってきました。毎回レッスンを始めるときには” Head, shoulders, knees and toes” のお歌で始まります。リズムが段々早くなるにつれ、Meadowさんは大興奮!笑顔で忙しく踊っています!”Touch your… nose, eyes, mouth”のゲームも楽しかったね!” From head to toe” という絵本からも学びました!絵本に出てくるゾウさん、キリンさん、ロバさん、などなどの真似をして” I can do it!” 、できたよ!せんせー!と可愛いポーズを見せてくれました!

We learned “P” phonics. Some of those examples are “P-P- pineapple, persimmon, pirate, palm, pants” Our youngsters participated actively in raising their hands and picking up flashcards, and pronouncing the word in front of their friends. Our youngsters love the word “pineapple” and “pants”.

Pの発音を学びました。”P-P- pineapple, persimmon, pirate, palm, pants” などの単語を使いながら、Pがどのような音なのかを学びました。

Numbers 1-10- We counted the number of apples in the treeリンゴの木になっているリンゴを数えました!

Walked and play in the park on a sunny day晴れた日の公園は楽しかったね!

Went to the park by bus

The kids were thrilled while on the bus to the park. We walked until we reached the area where we can find acorns. That was a perfect spot for us to enjoy seeing trains passing by, and picking up acorns. Kids get excited when we walked through the pile of autumn leaves. They can’t help themselves from throwing them up in the air, jumping over and over again, and sliding down a hill. They enjoy autumn to the fullest. Please have fun outdoors for extra physical activity throughout the day and celebrate the change of season.


Christmas show dance practice has become more fun. クリスマスショーの練習!

Kids enjoyed this weeks music lesson. They get used to some songs and remember the lyrics and action. Some kids hum and enjoyed clapping their hands. 今週のMusicクラスの様子です。新しい童謡やリズム打ちにも慣れ、手をたたいたりお歌をハミングしたりする姿が見られました!

Kids enjoying their free-play. 以下はフリープレイの様子です。

Parents, thank you for your continued support.日頃のサポートに感謝申し上げます!

Have a fantastic weekend.良い週末をお過ごしください!