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Meadow: Practising good oral hygiene May 29th~June 2nd

Welcome to Meadow’s last blog of the month of May. This week was merged with a small fraction of June so it has been an interesting one for us.The highlight of this week was that we started brushing our teeth as a class after lunch. Due to the COVID pandemic brushing of teeth had been suspended but we resumed this on Thursday the 1st of June. Everyone was quite excited about this because it was their very first time brushing their teeth at school. Teachers could hear remarks like, “my mommy bought this for me” and ” when we went shopping with mommy the other day I chose this toothbrush for myself.”


Rainy mornings equal fun indoors

Monday was rainy so we decided to do a “raindrops” craft .The students had to dip their index finger into the paint and then dab it onto the craft paper. After that we basically played around with the paint and we had so much fun smudging our tiny palms with blue paint.

月曜日は雨だったので、「雨粒」のクラフトをすることにしました。 人差し指に絵の具をつけて、画用紙の上にポンポンと叩くというものです。その後、壁に貼った大きな模造紙を使って大胆に絵の具で遊び、小さな手のひらを青い絵の具でいっぱいにしていくのをとても楽しんでいました。

Gym class

At this week’s lesson we were taught how to pose like an insect on four legs. We also played a modified version of hop scotch where the students had to hop from one hula hoop to another. Our little ones did their very best and they enjoyed themselves so much.


Afternoon circle time

The lesson topic for the month of June is “Sea Animals” and we dived right into it on Thursday afternoon!Creatures of the sea and the ocean are so fascinating! As most of you might already know,the ocean plays a very important role in regulating the planet’s climate and weather patterns. It is due to this reason that the study of sea animals is important. It helps us better understand the well-being of the ocean, which is vital for human survival. Learning about sea animals is going to open up a whole new world for most of us.What a fun ride we are in for!


Oral hygiene

It’s common knowledge that brushing teeth is the most important part of oral hygiene. Even though Meadow students all still have milk teeth they need to learn the importance of taking care of their teeth from an early age. Practicing healthy habits can prevent or reduce their chances of getting tooth decay . We hope everyone gets used to cleaning their teeth after every meal because that’s what most dentists say is the best way to guard oneself from decaying teeth.

歯磨きが口腔衛生の中で最も重要であることは、一般的に知られています。Meadowの子どもたちはまだ乳歯ですが、幼い頃から歯を大切にすることの大切さを学ぶ必要があります。健康的な習慣を身につけることで、虫歯になるのを防いだり、減らすことができます。  毎食後に歯を磨くことは、多くの歯科医が虫歯にならないための最良の方法だと言っていることですから。

Music lesson

This week we had our very first music lesson of the month of June. This was somewhat special because the songs change after every 2 months! The music teacher taught us how to sing “den den mushi mushi katatsumuri” and “ari san to ari san to kotsunko,” among other songs. The students seemed like they really enjoyed these two particular songs. As always we are excited to see what the following week has in store for us.


Until next week,have a great weekend!