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Milky Way Productions

The students have been practicing a lot for the Christmas Show. This week we had the opportunity to practice at the gym to get a feel for how big the venue for the show is. We all saw how the practice went and made changes where we needed to. Some had to walk faster, some had to use a bigger voice, and so on. It was a great chance for the students to be reflective and see what they needed to do to improve.

クリスマスショーまであと2週間! Milky Wayクラスのお友達は毎日練習に励んでいます✨


Preparations are still underway for the Milky Way year end celebration. The students are coming up with so many ideas to make this celebration really fun. We are so excited to see what the outcome of the celebration will be!
“Milky Way Year end celebration.”の準備は進行中です!

We hope you all have a wonder weekend!