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Milky Way February 19-23

Another very busy week is behind Milky Way students. Only four weeks are left until the students’ graduation ceremony and the preparations are in full swing. The students are practicing their speeches, songs, musical perfromance and the proper way of standing and politely recieving their graduation certificate. They are all very excited about talking about their wishes for the future. We have several future doctors, policemen and even some chefs and ice skaters in class. Thursday marked the students graduation album photo time as well and everyone was happy to wear their gowns and put their graduation hats on.
During Science lessons, the students are expanding their knowledge on various materials and resources humans can use. This week they have learned to recognize if a certain resource is natural or man-made and wha we can use certain resources for. Everyone had fun walking through nature picking up various natural resources and taking them back to class in their bags. During the walk we also discovered the Milky Way class ball which has gone missing several weeks ago. The students co-operated on getting the ball out from the drain and took care of it by cleaning it and finding a special place in the classroom for it.
Let’s hope that next week is full of adventure as well!