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What does it mean to be healthy? – Milky Way 4/11- 4/15

Making healthy choices would help our students to be happy and productive.


This week, we started to talk about what it means to be healthy. The whole class was so engaged and confidently contributed their ideas and thoughts to the class discussion. They answered the question: What is healthy. Some of them answered: Healthy is eating vegetables, healthy is strong and does not get tired easily, healthy does not watch TV or stay on YouTube for a long time, and many more. They are indeed knowledgeable and natural thinkers.


We used a ball to encourage everyone in the class to give their ideas and thoughts about the topic. Each student who gave an answer got the chance to hold the ball. Everyone loved the activity and had so much fun.

Prior Knowledge assessment I.

In our reading class, we learned some action words like, climb, run, look, play, etc. We then chose 2 sentences, wrote them on the book, and illustrated the action words we picked.


There were 2 highlights this week for our Milky Way students: The Japanese lesson, and Tennis.

It was their first time attending these classes, and they all had so much fun. Tennis will help them stay healthy and active they say, and they are all looking forward to the coming lessons.


In Japanese, they felt awkward at first, because they were not used to speaking Japanese in the classroom, but after some time, they got comfortable and were able to enjoy the class; they sang, read a book, and had a speaking time in Japanese. We all can’t wait to see them excel in this subject too and develop new skills.


Have a wonderful and healthy weekend!