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Milky Way March 12-16

“Sharing resources fairly helps the world” のユニットも最終週となりました。
私たちの生活に欠かせないもの(need)と無くても生きていけるもの(want)について理解し、区別できるようになったMilky Wayのお友達は、金曜日に最後のユニット活動として貿易ゲームを楽しみました。
生活に必要なものを、1. transport 2. healthy food 3. clothing 4. house として、それぞれが各国の代表者となり、もともとある資源や生産物を他国と交換(trade)しました。始めは皆、好きなもの・欲しいもの(want)を交換していましたが、次第に「これは本当に必要なものかな?」「必要なもの、4つ揃っているかな?」とよくよく考えながら行動できました!
来週はいよいよ、Milky Wayとして過ごす最後の週!
The last week of the current unit of inquiry is behind the Milky Way students, as is the next to last unit of this school year.
On Monday and Tuesday, the students learned more about what needs and wants are and have shown good understanding of the topic. Everyone understood that they need air, water and food to live, but that things like cake, shopping malls and toys are only what they want. The students have used the knowledge learned this week, as well as through the previous month on Friday, when they played a game of trade between various countries.
The students have also practiced a lot of Math this week and most of them can solve double digit addition and subtraction problems by themselves. Some student have also shown math understanding well above their age and are now solving problems involving double digit subtraction with borrowing.
The weather was gorgeous this week, wasn`t it? The warm temperatures and lots of sunshine brought the students outside many times, including the Monday walk and the Thursday trip to the park. The students showed their creativity during the walk by bringing colorful chalk and making various pictures with it on the asphalt. They are also discovering new and fun games. Everyone`s recent favourite is a game of cops and robbers.
We have some new games in the classroom as well. The students are getting interested in playing with memory cards, practising their thinking skills and concentration.
Next week will be a very short one. Everyone at the school is very sad to say goodbye to the Milky Way students, but also looking forward to spending the last several fun days with them.