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3Rs:Reduce! – Milky Way 01/23 – 01/27

The earth will be brown, We will get thirsty, people will die – We will all die… Were some of the reactions and comments by our Milky Way students after asking: What happens when we run out of water?


Milky Way class continued their journey to finding ways to save the earth; this week they inquired about how “REDUCing” could help the planet!


To grasp the gravity of the effect of losing water the Milky Way students reflected and thought about how they use water every day; Apparently, some would let the tap run while brushing their teeth or washing their hands. We took this opportunity to practice Math by counting how much water / or how many cups of water they waste when they do this. The whole class headed to the bathroom and did the reenactment, and while the sink was being filled up with water, their eyes were opening brightly in shock realizing how much water is being wasted. We measured how much water was wasted by using a cup and they ended up counting up to 85 cups! Too much, they said!


We decided to spread awareness of what we have inquired about, so we decided to make guidelines on how to save the earth by Reducing the things that we regularly do that affect the earth badly! We will present and disseminate these postcards to the whole campus and share this information with our schoolmates!


We had a special visitor this week! It has been a privilege to be graced by the presence of our founder, and President of ISN, Ms. Rie; She played with us and joined our UOI lesson! We had so much fun bonding with her!


The road to discovering more ways to help the earth will continue next week, tag along and join us to save the earth!


Keep warm, and have a good weekend!