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3Rs: Recycle and Reuse – Milky Way 1/31-2/3

Love has finally conquered the air, It’s now February, the love month!


In preparation for this celebration, the Milky way students made something for the most important people in their lives, their Parents! They made them a pencil holder using used plastic bottles! This project was connected to their UOI which is about the 3Rs. Everybody did not just have fun decorating the pencil holders for their moms and dads, but also felt good because by doing this, they are also helping the earth stay green!


We had fun playing with Bubbles in our Free Play time, this toy was not our ordinary bubbles but rather a very special one. This one was special simply because this was not brought from our favorite stores but made by our beloved Milky Way Students! They collected leftover soap and reused them as one of the ingredients in making bubbles! It feels good that even in our free play time, we are able to help the community by practicing the 3Rs.


Since we are inquiring about different pollutions around us, we answered the question: How bad can dirty water affect the living things on earth, especially us? We looked for the answer to this by conducting an experiment. In this experiment, we used celery and said that it represents the living things on earth, we also used food coloring to represent the garbage and other dirty things that go in the water. We poured the food coloring into the water and soak the celery in it, we left it there for 24 hours and see what happened. The following day we saw that the dirty water went into the leaves and the plant was dry and unhealthy. Lots of hypotheses were made by our inquirers, and we couldn’t be prouder to hear how the outcome has reached their hearts and mind!


To dodge all the negativity this year, the Milky Way class participated in the celebration of the Setsubun Festival; they threw beans at the monsters to shew away the problems and challenges that could be bestowed unto them! Lots of screaming and laughter filled the room and the joy of doing this together was palpable on their faces and reaction!

そして今日は節分!Milky Wayクラスにも鬼がやってきました👹!豆を投げて、みんなの心にある鬼をやっつけました!叫び声や笑い声が部屋中に響き渡り、みんなで一緒に鬼を退治できた喜びがあふれていました😊

The Milky class is innately tenacious and their ability to love is for sure more powerful than the beans they threw at the monster. We are confident that no matter how challenging their future will be, they will rise up and bear victory in their hands!


Extra: Spreading Awareness!

Since we have been inquiring and learning lots of things about how to save the earth, We wanted to share this information with the community. We started from the closest to us, our friends at ISN! We paid the Shooting star class a visit and shared with them some ways how to conserve energy and save the earth! It was a good experience for both classes as this opportunity was not just about learning but also getting the chance to experience collaboration!


私たちは、地球を救う方法について学んだいろいろなことを、コミュニティでシェアしたいと考えました。最も身近な、ISNのお友達から始めることにしました。Shooting Starクラスに行って、エネルギーを節約したり、地球にやさしくできる方法をいくつか紹介しました。これは、単に学ぶだけではなくて、他のクラスとのコラボレーションを体験する良い機会になりました!

See you in the next blog!