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Hooray Milky Way! Sept.19-22

We travelled around the world on our Sports Festival 2023 which was held on Friday! The gym was decorated with various flags of the world- Japan, United States, Canada, Philippines, Zimbabwe, and Netherlands. You would also see the beautiful crafts made by students from each class.The songs played during the program were also taken from different countries. Each class also performed a dance presentation which represents different countries around the world. All the performances were amazing and everyone did a great job! Students did their best to finish the race and relay games. Parents exert their full strength and power in playing tug of war. Everyone had so much fun! So, congratulations to students, parents, teachers, and ISN for the very successful event!


On the day of the Sports Festival, Milky Way class showed their support to other classes by cheering them up during their race, throwing ball game, and dance performance. They also did their own roles as leaders on various parts of the program. We have the oath leaders, dance exercise leaders, students assigned at the finish line to hold the ribbon, students assigned to count the balls for throwing balls, and cheerleaders for the tug of war. You guys did a big participation in this event. You all worked hard to do your part. Congratulations on a job well done! 


As for their dance performance, Milky Way enjoyed hulaing with ribbons wearing the traditional Hawaiian costume. We know how much they practiced and worked hard to memorize the dance steps, and it really required teamwork to bring out a wonderful performance. Of course, we didn’t forget to say “good job and good game” after our baton relay to show good Sportsmanship! We would like to congratulate Milky Way parents for winning in playing the tug of war. But more than that, we thank you for always supporting your children and school in this kind of event. We really appreciate you! Hooray Milky Way!


New vegetables were planted in our garden! After harvesting all the tomatoes and carrots, we planted radish and lettuce which are perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. We enjoyed the carrot dish added on our lunch. Tasty! We ate fresh carrots and carrot chips for our snack on Thursday. And we really loved it!

今週は他にも、園庭の畑で育てていたトマトと人参を収穫しました。そして新しい野菜、レタスとラディッシュの植え付けを行いました!収穫した人参は、キッチンの先生方が調理して下さり、ランチの時間に人参の甘辛煮をいただきました!ご飯によく合い、「Yummy!」「I like it!」「I want to eat more!」と口々に言うほどとてもおいしかったです!そしておやつの時間には、人参スティックと人参チップス。自分達で育てた野菜、本当に美味しかったです!キッチンの先生方、おいしく調理していただきありがとうございました😋

Have a wonderful weekend!