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Rainy days are here! (Milky Way)

The rainy days are here, but it will not stop the Milky Way kids from having fun in class. We are nearing towards the end of Unit 1 and the students are busy finishing their final project for UOI. We are creating our own version of a doctor’s bag and it will contain all the things that we learned about our lesson on Healthy Habits.

梅雨に入り雨の日が増えましたが、Milky Wayのみんなは毎日楽しい活動を続けています。Unit1の探求は間もなく終了します。Milky Wayのお友達は最後のプロジェクトを仕上げるために大忙しです。プロジェクトとは、自分たちのドクターバッグを作成することです。中には「健康に保つ習慣」のレッスンで学んだことをたくさん詰め込む予定です!

In Phonics, we are reviewing how to read and spell words with consonant blends. The Milky Way students are getting better and better in reading and so in class, we are also trying our best to translate this skill into writing. We also played games and group challenges to make our English lessons more fun and exciting.


In Math, we have a new lesson which is telling time. We started this topic with storytelling and learning the parts of a clock. We also had some games and puzzle activities that would help the students read time by the hour.


Even though it has been drizzling these last few days, we also have some fun time outside the classroom. We walked to a nearby shrine and had a refreshing nature walk. We also enjoyed our playtime in the park. We are staying physically active by doing different exercises in our Gym class and Tennis lessons.

Overall, this is a fun-filled week!