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Hello July! (Milky Way)

In Milky Way class, we welcomed the month of July with a new unit for our UOI class. This week we have started Unit 2 which is entitled Teamwork. The students participated in a challenge called String Lifter where they are tasked to lift an object using only a ring binder and some strings. They realized that they cannot do the task alone and they need to work together to successfully accomplish the challenge.


At first, they had a difficult time lifting the object because they were tugging and pulling in different directions without thinking about their goal. When they were asked to talk to each other and move all at the same time, they were finally able to lift the object! It was a happy moment for everyone. In this new unit, we will learn how to apply teamwork in doing different tasks. We will learn new skills and accomplish different challenges that would help students become effective team players.


This week, we also had our very first pool activity in the Shimauchi campus. The students were all so excited to feel the cool water in this hot and humid weather. The Milky Way kids had a great time in the pool and this is our way of beating the summer heat.


We also had time to decorate our Tanabata tree. The Milky Way students really love doing crafts and so they were not able to contain their excitement when they were told to decorate the bamboo tree near the school entrance. We filled the tree with our colorful origami art and wrote our wishes on papers as well. Our Tanabata Tree turned pretty nice.



Thank you for reading our blog! Enjoy the weekend!