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Milky Way's Gym Open Day!

It has been raining non-stop this week, but it did not stop our class from making the most of our time in the classroom.

In UOI, we started our lesson on our first line of inquiry (LOI) for the unit of Teamwork. Our LOI 1 is all about Roles and Responsibilities, and so to better understand this concept, we discussed in class the Community Helpers. The students learned that people in the community have a role to play and responsibilities to fulfill. We also made our very own community Map and designed it based on our liking. We realized the importance of each community helper in making sure that the community will function.


In Math, we are continuing our lesson on Telling Time. The Milky Way kids have already mastered telling time by the hour. Now, we are learning how to tell time by half an hour. Although it was still kind of confusing for some students, they are all trying their best to be good at it. We even made our own clock craft that we can use to practice and improve our skills.


This week we also had a very exciting day at the gym! We had our Gym Open Day! Our gym class has been already fun on its own, but it became extra special when our parents joined and enjoyed the class with us. The students were all so ecstatic to be partnered with their parents for the different exercises prepared by Ms. Airi, so thank you everyone for coming to our Gym Open Day!


That’s all for this week! Until next time!