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Rainbow Nagano: Animals month!

Our learning theme for this month is zoo/farm animals. Therefore, Rainbow has been acquiring knowledge of animals through various methods such as songs, flashcards, and customize their own farm! The theme song is “Old MacDonald had a farm”, we sang it every morning/evening so the kids will get familiar with the animal names & their sounds. For this week, we have learnt the new vocabularies through flashcards. In order to remember them easily, each of us made our own farm with animals. We first pronounce the name then paste the animals on the paper given. In additional, after reviewing all the animals today, we asked each to pick a flashcard and they have to name the animal. Guess what, all of them did their best and performed a wonderful job! Well done!
サークルタイムに“Old macdonald had a farm”の歌を歌っています。時々鼻歌を歌っているお友達もいます。レインボークラスのお友達の中ではとても人気の歌になっています。

As the weather is getting warmer, going to the pool will be an ideal. Yes, we had our very first swimming lesson this week! Each Rainbow kid were excited to put on their swimsuit, we had our professional instructors guiding us in each step before entering the pool. The Rainbow took the shower at first, then seated in line at the pool for the lesson. We learned to splash the water at the surface using our feet, then followed by going into the water from feet, body and head. The Rainbow continued by sticking all the anime characters from one side to another side of pool. They crossed the water gently and carefully, always think about the safety of themselves and others. Lastly, they learned to walk in water, first they stand in line and then walk one by one to the instructor of the other side of the pool. This required body balance & steadiness to walk in the water, we are glad that all of them made it!

Our music lesson involved both of our body movement & vocal. After greeting the instructor, we began by clapping our hands to each sounds of the foods. For instance, Daikon required 4 claps “Da-i-ko-n”. We moved with the music, stopped when the music faded, and responded by clapping to the displayed foods on the flashcards. Next, we made our own flower with the silk provided and sang a song named “Flowers are smiling”. All the Rainbow enjoyed the lesson and they can’t wait to come again next week!
最後にスカーフでお花を作りゆらゆら~とゆれながら“Flowers are smiling”の歌を練習しました。スカーフでのお花作りも慣れてきてフワッと上手にお花を咲かせる事ができました。

Besides that, the target speaking sentences for tis month are: “I’m here”, “It’s mine” and “My name is…”. These sentences are essential for our daily lives. We often encourage them to answer “I’m here” after the teacher called their name. We also show them their belongings and asked whose are those stuffs belong to, they should answer “It’s mine” if the stuff belongs to them. Lastly, we asked each student to introduce themselves using “My name is” every morning. Although we practice every day in the school, it will also be better if the students do it in their house as well. Dear parents, please encourage your kids to speak the target sentences mentioned above. That’s all for this week, See you!
My name is
Im here…私はここにいます
Its mine…それは私のです
サークルタイムの時など名前を呼ばれたらIm here、
ランチバックやタオルなどこれは誰のかな?と聞かれたときに“Its mine”と答えられるように練習をしています。朝の出席確認の時どのお友達もとても大きな声で元気にIm hereと手を上げてお返事してくれます。