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Feeling cool playing with water( Rainbow-June 27th-30th)

水遊びで涼を感じて 7月27日から30日より

Hello everyone,


With the weather heating up, it’s the perfect time to get outside and explore, and there’s nothing more than spending time splashing and frolicking in the water on a hot day. This week, our youngsters had a lot of fun playing with water in the yard. We set the kiddie pool out in the yard and provided some plastic toys to play with. Our youngsters enjoyed scooping the toys, pouring water on their legs and feet, and submerging their hands, and some of them splashed the cold water on their faces. Most of them didn’t care that they will get wet. They enjoyed pouring water on their bodies and that kept them feeling cool. They also helped plants to grow by watering them using their plastic bottles. That helped develop their gross motor skills and sensory exploration.


This week, we conducted a fire drill. Our youngsters were surprised when they heard the emergency bell rang. “There’s fire occurring in the kitchen! ”Then they followed the teacher’s instruction to cover their mouth and nose while evacuating outside.We also explained to them the rules to remember when there’s a fire.


O-Ha-Shi-Mo Which means

O-おさない!(No pushing)


Shi-しずかに(Be quiet)

Mo-もどらない( Don’t go back)

Good job, Rainbow and Meadow.

Fishing Activity


Before we ended our topic this month about the sea animals, we reviewed their names and did some activities. The one thing they enjoyed most was sailing on their hand-made cardboard boats while catching the sea animals spread on the vinyl sheet. They caught as many as they can and were able to name them. They had so much fun.


We would like to welcome the new friend Who joined us from this month. We’re glad to have you with us. Let’s spend wonderful time together.


Thank you for reading our blog. Have a fantastic weekend and see you next week.