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Cherish the memories(Rainbow- December 19-23)

思い出を大切に レインボークラス 12月19日から23日より

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another fun week here in Rainbow.

It’s Christmas time! Our monthly song “What do you want for Christmas?” reminds the children of the Christmas present they are asking to Santa. They can’t stop talking about the toys they like, and their upcoming appointments with their families. They were able to use the phrase “I want a.. robot, train, blocks and more.



クリスマスですね!今月の歌 “What do you want for Christmas?” は子供達にサンタさんにお願いするクリスマスプレゼントを思い起こさせてくれます。好きなおもちゃの話や家族とのこれからの予定を話題にするのが楽しくてしょうがない様子です。子供達は”I want a.. robot, train, blocks and more.のフレーズを使って言うことが出来ました。

Learning numbers 1-20.

Our youngsters enjoyed our activity of counting numbers using the laundry clip to pick up the pom poms, counted and dropped them into the appropriate numbers written in each rolls. This wonderful Math activity can also double to help children develop their fine motor skills that involves the strengthening of the small muscles in hands and fingers.



Newspaper dress up.

We ended up this month’s lesson about clothing by doing this activity. Our youngsters lined up patiently and waited for the newspaper clothes they asked for the teacher to make for them. After that, we interviewed each of them what they are wearing and they actively answered ” big ribbon, skirt, vest, hat.” We played the music and they danced with the rhythm of “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree”, and danced merrily. We also reviewed the name of clothing by asking each of them what they are wearing, pointing on their clothes.


この活動で洋服に関する今月の学びはおしまいになりました。子供達は辛抱強く並んで順番を待ち、先生に作って欲しいものを言いました。作った後、一人一人に何を着ているのか聞きました。みんな元気に答えてくれて” big ribbon, skirt, vest, hat.” などと答えてくれました。また “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree”の曲をCDで流し、リズムに合わせて楽しくダンスしました。一人一人に来ている洋服の名前を聞いて復習しました。

Match the clothes to the weather.

We also discussed to the children on what to wear in Sunny and hot weather and in cold and snowy weather. In hot days, they chose t-shirt, shorts, sandals, sunglasses and hat. and in cold and snowy weather they chose scarf, sweater, boots, mittens, knit hat, jacket and ski wear. Well done, Rainbow!


子供達に晴れた日、暑い日、寒い日、雪の天気の時に着るものを話合いました。暑い日には t-shirt, shorts, sandals, sunglasses and hatを選び、寒い日や雪の季節にはscarf, sweater, boots, mittens, knit hat, jacket and ski wearを選びました。良く出来たね。Rainbowクラスのお友達!

We had a blast playing in the park.


Earthquake drill done in the classroom.


We conducted the earthquake drill without any prior notice to the children. We observed how they will react and what to do during the calamity. When they heard the bell rang, they hid under the table quietly. When we were informed that the shaking calmed down, we asked the students to sit down and explained what was happening. Kids listened attentively when we explained the rules to remember when shaking occurs. These rules are O- Don’t push Ha-Don’t run Shi- Be quiet Mo- don’t return Te- Cover head with hands. Good job, Rainbow!

子供達には予告をせずに地震の避難訓練をしました。みんながどのように避難できるのか、災害時にどうするのか見守りました。訓練のベルが鳴ったのを聞くと、みんな静かに机の下に身を隠しました。揺れが静まったとの知らせを受け、子供達に椅子に座り何が起こったか説明をしました。地震が起こったときの約束事を説明すると子供達は注意深く説明を聞いていました。これらの約束とはO- 押さない、 Ha-走らない、 Shi- 静かにする、 Mo- 戻らない、 Te- 手で頭を覆うです。

We cleaned our lockers.


We asked the children’s cooperation to clean their own locker before the long holiday. Each of them grabbed a rug, wiped their lockers and put away their clothes in their craft bags. When they were done, they told their teacher, “Look, it’s clean, I did it!” Thank you so much, little helpers!


Happy Birthday!


We celebrated the birthday of our December celebrant. His classmates sang happy birthday and greeted him with a big voice. When he was asked of his age, he showed his three little fingers saying “I’m three!” He felt delighted having a birthday card from his teacher with the crown on his head. Happy happy birthday our sweet little boy. Let’s have more fun and make good memories everyday.

It has been a wonderful year spending with the kids. Thank you parents for your continued support, We will be missing you and we are looking forward to see you after new year. Enjoy the long holiday.

12月生まれのお友達の誕生日をお祝しました。みんなでhappy birthdayの歌を歌い、大きな声でお祝いのメッセージを言いました。お誕生日のお友達は、年齢を聞かれると、小さな指を3本見せて”I’m three!” と言いました。先生から誕生日カードをもらい、頭には冠を被り嬉しそうでした。お誕生日おめでとう。毎日楽しい思い出を沢山作っていこうね。子供達と一緒に過ごした素晴らしい年でした。保護者の皆様には常にご協力いただきましてありがとうございました。会えない時間は寂しいですが、新年に皆さまにお会いできるのを楽しみにしております。素敵な冬休みをお過ごしください。