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My Family-Rainbow(February 13-17)


Hello everyone,


A week goes quickly. We are glad to see Rainbow’s smiles every day. Thinking of days left together makes us quite sad but seeing their growth and development every day makes us excited about their future.

On Monday, we combined the class with Meadow and we spent the day together. It was a great day for some students who has their favorite friends in that class. We played in the classroom using hoops and balancing bars. Kids could listen to the teacher’s instructions, make a line, and wait for their turns when playing.



Walking to the park is fun. In some parts of the road where there are shades, we can still see the snow. When we arrived at the park we saw a lot of needle ice. Kids loved walking on it and love hearing the cracking sound. They were overjoyed playing with the snow, making small balls, and started playing the snowball fight. Some kids miss climbing up and sliding down the slide. They had a good time.


Family lesson


Kids almost memorize all members of the family. One student didn’t finish introducing his family yet so we asked him to show his family photo. He was very proud and was so delighted while pointing to his family. This week, we did an activity of “Finding the family member”. They listened carefully to the teacher and when they heard what the teacher was saying, they ran quickly to the correct answer. Kids have shared to us a lot of things about their family. I asked them to pick a family member flashcard and describe them. Kids had big smiles talikng about them. They say, My mom has short hair, My mom has long hair, my dad likes cola, brother likes milk, my mother’s name is… mom cooks hamburg. They have a neverending description about their family🥰 We were glad hearing about those.

子供達は家族全ての名称をほぼ覚えています。まだ一人の生徒は家族紹介が済んでいなかったので、家族写真を紹介してもらいました。とても自信をもって家族写真を指さしながら嬉しそうに紹介してくれました。今週、「家族のみんなを見つけよう」という学びをしました。先生の話をよく聞き、先生が家族の誰なのかを言うと子供達は教室内に貼ってある絵まで走って行きました。子供達は自分達の家族について沢山話してくれました。またみんなに家族の一員のカードを床から拾い上げ行ってみるという遊びもしました。子供達は満面の笑みで家族について話してくれました。My mother’s name is… Mom cooks hamburg. など、家族🥰 について話が尽きないほど説明してくれました。たくさん聞けて嬉しかったです。

We also prepared flashcards ofdrinks and asked each student what are their moms and dads favorite drinks. They were excited to talk in front of their friends with no doubt picking up the drinks flashcards. They say the phrase … My mom likes tea, my dad likes cola, my mom and dad like coffee, and more.

Before we end our day, we try to recall what we did the whole day and say them in English phrases. Kids love to talk and share in front of their friends. They are willing to say in English and smile recalling what they did.

Morning circle Time


Apple picking. Rainbow class knows the order of numbers 1-20 when counting together with friends. Our activity this time was picking up the ripened apples. We stuck the tree with a lot of apples and asked them to pick them up and put them in the basket and count again how many they have picked. They enjoyed counting and wanted to do the activity more.



We keep physically fit and keep warm on our gym day.


That was a lovely week for all.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful weekend.