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A very warm welcome to Meadow and Rainbow, the youngest members of our school! (April 4th-7th)

On Monday the 3rd of April we held a welcome ceremony for Meadow and Rainbow class. Tuesday April 4th was the official start day of school for everyone. For most of the students it was their very first time being away from mommy and daddy. Starting a new life in an unfamiliar environment is very scary even for adults, so we are very impressed by how Meadow and Rainbow students have handled themselves so well and have been so brave. We basically spent this first week of the school year playing outside and indoors as well as getting used to our daily routine. We had lots of fun blowing bubbles and trying to catch them as they flew in the air! It’ s amazing how everyone is already learning how to share toys and play nicely with their classmates .Let’s keep up this good and kind spirit. We still have a lot to learn in order for us to get used to our new environment but let’s keep on doing our best and let’s create lots of fun memories together while learning English!