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Rainbow-Tapping into the curiosity that lives within us! April 10th-14th

This week has been a week full of firsts for Rainbow class. On Monday we challenged ourselves to take a walk around the school. The weather was so fine and we had a lovely time seeing cherry blossoms, tulips and dandelions. They say that dandelions are a sign of spring so Monday’s stroll in the vicinity of the school proved to us that spring is surely upon us! Now that it’s very warm the students really enjoy spending time outdoors. A famous writer of children’s books once gave a speech about how children learn a lot from observing their environment. According to the writer, “Young children develop and learn from every experience they have with nature. Things such as twigs, leaves and rocks sharpen their curiosity and it is this curiosity that leads to the growth of healthy minds”.



We began unit one of our curriculum. Our topic for April is “COLORS” and we have had so much fun learning about colors through crafts and games. For our first craft of the school term we made butterflies because who doesn’t like butterflies right? They are one of the most prettiest and colorful insects on this earth. There is more to butterflies than meets the eye though. Butterflies are said to be very beneficial to the environment. They pollinate plants thereby helping fruits, vegetables and flowers to produce more seeds. Butterflies are also an indicator of a healthy environment. So this week we didn’t just enjoy playing with paint while we made our butterflies during craft time , but we also learnt about the great things butterflies do for our environment.



In Gym class we were taught how to move our bodies in very fun and interesting ways! I think some of us are going to be sportsmen and sportswomen in the future! Moving the body is good for us both physically and mentally . It is very important that we understand this from a very young age. The venue we used for our gym class was very spacious so we had a great time running around , releasing lots of energy and laughing with our classmates. We felt really refreshed and our moods were uplifted by the end of the gym class!



We went to the park by bus on Thursday. Rainbow students not only enjoyed playing at the park but also the bus ride. There were lots of dandelions at the park and insects as well, particularly little blank ants. Most of the students seemed fascinated by these tiny little creatures.


Overall , we had a very good week and we cannot wait to see what next week has in store for us. Until next week , lots of love from Rainbow class!!