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Rain Rain Go Away! – Rainbow 24-28JUL (雨 あっちいけ!)


Hello everyone! A hot and humid week has passed. The school pools have been installed in the schoolyard, and everyone at Rainbow can’t wait to get in the pool! However, due to the weather (temperature), water temperature, and other activities, we couldn’t play in the pool very often, so we had fun playing in the water instead! We dipped our hands and feet in the water, made colored water, and had fun playing with pool toys to cool down. It’s the rainy season, and the rain is a pain. Rain, Rain, Go Away!! Next week is already July, the beginning of summer. We can’t wait to play in the pool!


This month’s topic “Insects” will end this week, but we think our children’s love, interest and curiosity towards insects will continue. Everyone learned the names of many insects. They also enjoyed fun games and crafts related to insects.


Our children at Rainbow are able to do many things on their own. Unpacking in the morning, getting dressed, using the toilet, brushing their teeth, etc. Sometimes we can see them helping each other and calling out to each other. So this week in our class, we had them think about, discuss, and demonstrate the importance of eating neatly, not leaving any food behind, not making a mess, and properly cleaning up and using the toilet correctly. We are proud of them who are gradually acquiring daily habits such as independence, responsibility, and reflection, and are showing great growth. Well done Rainbows!

今週は避難訓練(地震想定)が行われました。地震の知らせを聞き、すぐに机の下に隠れました。そして揺れが収まるのを待った後、一列に並んで外へと避難しました。クラスに戻ってからも地震で避難する時の注意点などをみんなで復習しました。お・は・し・も・て (押さない、走らない、しゃべらない、戻らない、手で頭を覆い姿勢を低くする)などです。よく出来ました!

This week we had an evacuation drill (earthquake scenario). When we heard the news of the earthquake, we immediately hid under our desks. Then, after waiting for the shaking to stop, we lined up and evacuated outside. After returning to class, we all reviewed the precautions to take when evacuating in an earthquake. O-HA-SHI-MO-TE (Don’t push/ Don’t run/ Don’t talk/ Don’t go back/ Cover your head with your hands and keep a low posture), etc. Good Job!


See you next week! Have a nice weekend!