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Rainbow baby sharks- Rainbow(July 1-5) (レインボーの小鮫達!)

Hello everyone,

The temperature is getting higher every day and as much as we have time, we let the students get in the water to cool down their bodies. They all love Pouring water on their bodies and enjoy playing with their friends. They felt refreshed and satisfied after getting out of the water.

みなさん、こんにちは。 気温が日に日に高くなり、子ども達は、時間の許す限り水に体を浸して涼を得ています。みんな水を浴びるのが大好きで、友達との水遊びを楽しんでいます。水から上がった後はリフレッシュして大満足です。

We started the new lesson for this month about sea animals. Our students enjoyed the song “Baby Shark” while wearing baby shark hats and dancing in the classroom. We learn about the different sea animals by showing flashcards like seahorse, jellyfish, sea turtles, octopus, whale and shark. We did the “Feed the Shark Activity”. Giving food to animals is one way to be “Caring”. Each of them picked up one fish and fed the same color shark. They were able to be caring at the same time learning about the colors. Well done, Rainbow!


Enjoy fishing

We made decorations in celebration of the “Star Festival”. Kids tied the colorful origami paper to make rings to hang their wishes on the bamboo tree. We received the papers from parents writing wishes for the children. We wish you good health and stay active all the time! dear parents, thank you for your cooperation in writing for your children’s wishes.


Sweaty Gym Day

Rainbow students kept physically fit and enjoyed the gym lesson. We keep them hydrated all the time by drinking tea after each activity.Enjoy the Rhythm and sway their bodies while singing in the music lesson.

汗だくのジムレッスンの日、 レインボー達は体力を維持して体育の授業を楽しみました。活動の度にお水(お茶)を飲み、常に水分補給をしています。 音楽の授業では、リズムを楽しみ、歌いながら体を動かしました。

Thank you for this week. Keep hydrated and relaxed on the weekend. See you on Monday!