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Rainbow March 25-27

Finally, the last week of school has come! We are pretty much ready for the next level!
Everyone packed up their stuff by themselves, wiped the lockers, chairs, mats, and the floor. How good it was seeing them worked in cooperation.

Since it’s our last week, we made sure that everyone would enjoy 😊 having our time together. After packing our things up, off we went to the park. We had a great time playing both inside and outside the class.

For the lesson, we reviewed the Five Senses. We learned the phrase, I can touch a book/cup/spoon and other things we put in the bag. Well done, Rainbow. We also reviewed the alphabet A-Z by finding the missing letter then we sang the Phonics Song together.

It was indeed a great year in Rainbow for  all of us.
Thank you 🙏 everyone!