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WONDERFUL WEEK- Rainbow Jan. 20-24

It was a wonderful week indeed for our little ones!
This week, me made a snowman craft. They tapped the paint on the construction paper to follow the snowman pattern paper on top. Great job!⛄

We also had a very fun Music class! It’s very nice to see our youngsters enjoyed clapping their hands, singing and dancing!

For our daily discussion, everybody is doing great! It was unbelievably amazing how their young minds can be filled with our topics.
We are very happy and proud to see them doing their best and participating actively in our lesson.

To all the parents who came today in our Rainbow school open day, we thank you very much! Your time and presence really means a lot not just to us– teachers, but most especially to your child. We truly appreciate your presence and your support all throughout the school year.

Have a great weekend!