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PLAY AND LEARN- Rainbow Feb. 17-21

Let’s take a glimpse of this week’s fun-learning activities!

We talked about five senses and we focused on our “sense of smell”. We played a guessing game for this topic. We prepared a perfume, coffee, hand soap, garlic, orange skin, and cinnamon. Using their nose and sense of smell, the students had to guess it. Let’s see how our little ones enjoyed and learned at the same time. 
今子供達が学んでいる五感のうち今週は「嗅覚」にスポットを当てて学びました。子供達には目隠しをしてもらい、香水・コーヒー・石鹸・にんにく ・オレンジの皮・シナモンを匂いだけで何か当てるというゲームをしてもらいました。子供達はこのゲームを通してとても楽しく学びました!

Using their sense of sight, we discussed different kinds of fruits. Through their eyes and sense of sight, they can see their favorite fruit.

Everyone had an amazing time at the gym! We stretched out our arms and legs, danced, ran back and forth, and they jumped on the rings. These exercises really helps them a lot to develop their gross motor skills. Well done, Rainbow!

It was a beautiful weather to go outside and play. We had a chance to take a walk outside the campus and experienced the beautiful scenery!

Have a great weekend!