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Shining bright like a diamond (SS April 26-28)

Each day passes by quickly and our beloved shooting star students are getting more independent every day; They are getting more accustomed to doing things for themselves. Unlike in their previous class, they are now being taught to use less help from the teacher and stand on their own feet. But one thing is for sure, the guidance of the teachers will always. be there to support them; the reminders and advice will never vanish until they are fully grown up and ready to spread their wings and fly.

We have finished the first line of inquiry and have already moved on to the second one which is: Family members have their own roles. We started the unit by engaging the students to share their prior knowledge by answering a role matching worksheet, where they will connect the member to what they think best fits the role. We will be talking more about the roles of each family when we get back after Golden week! It is, for sure, going to be an interesting activity for the students for they will be more aware of what their parents do for them and their family.
LOI1が終わりLOI2「Family members have their own roles」(家族はそれぞれ自分の役割がある)の探究が始まりました。まずは生徒たちがすでにもっている知識を確認するためのマッチングアクティビティをワークシートで行いました。お父さん、お母さん、兄弟、姉妹はどんな役割があるのかを問いました。このLOIも、ご家族のご協力を必要とする課題がいくつかあります。その中でも子ども達は色々学んでいく機会があると思います。ゴールデンウイーク後にもっと深く探究していこうと思っています。みなさまに完成させて頂いたFamily Treeもクラスで発表しました!お友達のFamily Treeと見比べて同じか違うかを話し合いました。ご協力ありがとうございました。

For our craft, The Shooting star students made something special for their moms! Each student taught what things will make their mom happy. After that, they molded clay and make whatever in their imagination become real. They decorated, painted, and put their all efforts to come up with a unique and special gift. We all hope that all the mommies will like their gift. 🙂

Aside from Mabel, our class mascot in Phonics, they have made friends again with another animal: Giraffe, Turtle, and Monkey. They all represent the kids of letters: Tall Letters, Small and Hanging/Falling letters! We have studied how to identify the group where a certain letter belongs. We are all excited for them to be master writers! They have finished writing the letters A and B, the next stop will be the letter C.

As Shooting star students experience and learn more, they become like a special gem, a shining diamond in a bucket full of pebbles!

See you all on the next blog! Have a safe and enjoyable golden week, friends!